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Welcome to ANCC Banquet and Catering!

Our goal is to provide quality, consistent, and exceptional service to our Members and their guests by creating a wonderful event and lasting memories. If there is a menu item you would like but it is not listed, please let us know.

If you would like more information, would like to find out about facility availability or to make a reservation, please contact:

Arlington:  For Catering and Wedding Information, please contact Rebecca Pipkins, Catering Manager, at (703) 521-6800 ext 1265 or email her at

Fairfax: For Catering and Wedding information, please contact Kolena Thomas, Catering Coordinator, at (703) 359-5825, ext. 4 or email her at

Tips for a Better Event
We hope these tips help you and your Guests have a memorable and successful event.

  • Be sure to specify at which ANCC Clubhouse your event is (Arlington or Fairfax) and the proper respective addresses.
  • On invitations be sure to specify Army Navy Country Club to avoid confusion with Army Navy Club in Downtown D.C or the Fort Myer Officer's Club.
  • If Mapquesting, please use our alternate entrance at 2400 South 18 Street, Arlington VA, 22202. This entrance is accessed by Glebe Road which is easier for many people to locate as it easily accessible from Route 50 and 395.
  • Feel free to take advantage of the map and directions to both the Arlington and Fairfax Clubhouses here. You can print them out and send along with your invitations to your guests to help them arrive on time.
  • Do not have any items shipped to ANCC for your events. We cannot guarantee they will arrive here in time for your event, placed in the correct department, or even accepted. ANCC is not liable or responsible for any items shipped to our locations or for any missing or damaged packages. If you do need to have items stored at ANCC for less than a 24 hour period for your event, please contact Rebecca Pipkins at Arlington or Kolena Thomas at Fairfax for more information.
  • Gently inform guests that our dress code for our main floor is a no jeans or denim policy. Wearing jeans on the main floor could result in being turned away at arrival. We do accept business casual. This applies to teenagers and children as well.
  • If you have small children attending your event, we do not mind parents bringing small noiseless toys or crayons and paper to keep them entertained.
  • Let us know of any needs you may have in regards to booster seats and high chairs. This can be provided when you call with your final guest count 3 days prior to your event.
  • It is up to your discretion to allow cell phone usage during your event in the Banquet Room. If people need to use cell phones they may use the Lobby area by the Coat Room or may go outside.
  • If you have guests that will require a taxi, feel free to inform Reception about a half hour before they leave to keep their wait time minimal.

Army Navy Country Club
1700 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
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Army Navy Country Club
3315 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
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